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  • mSI (Multidimensional Species Frequency Index)

  • Description: Multidimensional Species Frequency Index (German)

  • Year start
    Year end
    Grid size (meters)
    Higher Taxa

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  • Coordinate Modifier for Excel Files
    WGS84 (EPSG:4326) ⟷ GaussLux (EPSG:2169) ⟷ LUGRID

  • WGS84 ⟶ GaussLux: Convert existing latitude and longitude columns into the corresponding GaussLux columns.

    GaussLux ⟶ WGS84: Convert existing GaussLux columns into the corresponding latitude and longitude columns.

    LUGRID ⟶ WGS84 and GaussLux: Convert an existing LUGRID column into the corresponding latitude, longitude and GaussLux columns.


    • No named columns will be deleted and newly created columns will be added to the end. However columns without header might be overwritten.
    • Currently no support for formats other than .xlsx, and no support for documents with multiple sheets.
    • Files must contain 2 columns with coordinates in WGS84 (EPSG:4326) (labelled "lat", "long" or similar) or in GaussLux (EPSG:2169) (labelled "x", "y" or similar) or just one column containing LUGRID coordinates (labelled "lugrid").
    • WGS84 or GaussLux coordinates must not contain any characters other than numbers and optionally a decimal point
    • When transforming LUGRID into another system, the resulting coordinates are the ones of the lower leftmost point of the square. The size of the square is additionally indicated in the grid_size column.
  •   Please wait, this can take up to several minutes (approx. 1000 rows/second)
  • Upload inaturalist observations

  • Insert latest observations. The csv must contains observations from date on that correspond with the latest observations date in current cache. All observations in csv which are allready in cache are ignored.

    Upload up to the first 200000 observations from inaturalist csv export.
    Use this form to build the inaturalist cache from scratch.

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Conditions of use
A person in charge has to fill out the pdf document with the conditions of use, if it has not been done yet and send it by postal mail to the following address:

Musée national d'histoire naturelle
Tania Walisch
25, rue Munster
L-2160 Luxembourg

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Here you can change the fields displayed in the observations search result table. In left box are all availaible fields. In the right box are the current fields displayed in the result table. To change a field, select it in the right box, select the new field in the left box an click the middle tripple arrow button. Click "Save" button to save your modifications.
The first result field 'date_end' cant be changed here but in the 'Search' menu under 'Result sort' option.

Available Fields

Result Fields

Cache Info

Recorder observations and collections cache

iNaturalist observations part cache

Update only a part of the inaturalist elasticsearch index from exported inaturalist csv.

iNaturalist all observations cache

Rebuild the whole inaturalist elasticsearch index from exported inaturalist csv.
This is limited (from inaturalist) to 200.000 observations.

iNaturalist import observations taxonomy

Try to map higher taxonomy of imported species names that are not in recorder.

GBIF observations cache

Import gbif observations into cache for mdata about Luxembourg (except from inaturalist provider)

GBIF Taxonomy cache

Check recorder taxonomy against the gbif taxonomy backbone and
import gbif taxa synonyms into cache for mdata that are not in recorder.

N&E Ornitho observations cache

Geoportal.lu csv files export

Export observations as csv files for geoportal.lu
csv files location on serv-gis:

Map Layers

  • Services de l'Administration du cadastre et de la topographie du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg Map

  • Bing


  • 1km

  • 5km

  • Graticule

Cadastre des biotopes

Cadastre des biotopes du milieu forestier (9 janvier 2023)

Cadastre des biotopes du milieu ouvert du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

  • Les surfaces à l'exception des vergers

  • Les vergers (BK09)

  • Les zones tampons

Zones de protection

  • Zones protégées d'intérêt national (ZPIN - 2017)

  • Natura 2000

  • Natura 2000 - Zones Oiseaux

    1. Vallée de la Woltz et affluents de la source à Troisvierges (LU0002001)

    2. Vallée de la Tretterbaach et affluents de la frontière à Asselborn (LU0002002)

    3. Vallée supérieure de l'Our et affluents de Lieler à Dasbourg (LU0002003)

    4. Vallée supérieure de la Sûre et affluents de la frontière belge à Esch-sur-Sûre (LU0002004)

    5. Vallée de l'Ernz Blanche de Bourglinster à Fischbach (LU0002005)

    6. Vallée de la Syre de Moutfort à Roodt/Syre (LU0002006)

    7. Vallée supérieure de l'Alzette (LU0002007)

    8. Minière de la région de Differdange - Giele Botter, Tillebierg, Rollesbierg, Ronnebierg, Metzerbierg et Galgebierg (LU0002008)

    9. Esch-sur-Alzette Sud-est - Anciennes minières Ellergronn (LU0002009)

    10. Dudelange Haard (LU0002010)

    11. Aspelt - Lannebur, Am Kessel (LU0002011)

    12. Haff Réimech (LU0002012)

    13. Région Kiischpelt (LU0002013)

    14. Vallées de l’Attert, de la Pall, de la Schwébech, de l'Aeschbech et de la Wëllerbach (LU0002014)

    15. Région de Junglinster (LU0002015)

    16. Région de Mompach Manternach, Bech et Osweiler (LU0002016)

    17. Région du Lias moyen (LU0002017)

    18. Région de Schuttrange, Canach, Lenningen et Gostingen (LU0002018)

Chart search attributes mapping

  • zone_habitats: Zone Habitats
  • zone_habitats_oiseaux: Zone Habitats Oiseaux
  • zone_zpin: Zone zpin
  • zero_abundance: Zero Abundance Status
  • taxon_year_down: See "Taxon Year" in observations download info
  • taxa_status: taxa threat category and legal status
  • taxa_list: taxa checklist of Luxembourg
  • taxa_file: Upload Taxa List
  • taxa_exclude: taxa exclude search
  • taxa: taxon search
  • survey_tag: Survey Tag
  • survey_run_by: Survey Run By
  • survey_event_key: run search by survey_event_key link in detailed observation window
  • survey: Survey
  • species_list_down: Observation species file download
  • specimen_entered_by: Specimen entered by
  • shape_file_down: Observation shape file download
  • shape_commune: Municipalities
  • sample_key: run search by sample_key link in detailed observation window
  • sample_type: Sample Type
  • rs_desc_o: Result sort - Observation start date desc
  • rs_desc_e: Result sort - Observation entry date desc
  • rs_asc_o_n: Result sort - Observation end date asc
  • rs_asc_o: Result sort - Observation start date asc
  • rs_asc_e: Result sort - Observation entry date asc
  • result_size: Num observations - grid/map result size
  • record_type: Record Type
  • recorder: Recorder
  • radius: Define Shape - Draw circle
  • only_from_month: Only from month(s)
  • polygon_lux: Search on Luxembourg polygon
  • polygon: Draw polygon search
  • lorraine_poly: Search on Lorraine polygon
  • location: Location
  • kml_down: Observations kml download
  • is_in_collection: Collection Status
  • in_collection_only: Collection Status - In collection with no sample date
  • institution_select: partly in Institution
  • has_specimen_image: Photo status
  • geojson_down: Observations geojson download
  • geo_reference: Valid Spatial Reference - No
  • germany_poly: Search on germany polygon
  • excel_down: Observation excel download
  • envelope: Search on visual map
  • entered_by: Entered by
  • entered_by: Entered by
  • disjoint: Search on Luxembourg shape disjoint
  • determiner: Determiner
  • date_from: Date of observations: from
  • date_to: Date of observations: to
  • csv_down: Observations csv download
  • collection_select: partly in Institution
  • collection: Collection
  • bird_ring_number: Bird Ring Number Search
  • belgium_poly: Search on Belgium polygon
  • atlas_code: Restricted Atlas Code (Birds only)
  • any_number: Any Number Search